How to purchase themes

How to purchase theme in kentooz??

Kentooz has some themes that you may have to buy the unit theme or membership. If you are still the first time, please read the following instructions purchases:

1. Go to, you will see the following form:




Number 1 :  Themes type

Check ​​the theme you want to buy, for example, you want to buy kerenbro and kasep, just check Kerenbro personal license $ 30.00 and  Kasep personal license $ 20.00.
Number 2: Payment system

Bank transfer / Only support for the Indonesian
If you choose the method of payment is bank transfer, the next page should detail the amount transferred and account (invoice) will appear automatically
After you transfer, please confirm via a support ticket in the members area or email (manual activation), the download link will be enabled in the members area. For a while we only support bank Mandiri.

Please transfer to the following account:



a/n Gian Mokhammad Ramadhan



a / n

Gian Mokhammad Ramadhan


If using paypal, then after you click next, you will immediately be directed to to make payments, and after the payment is completed, direct download links theme active (auto) in your area pages.

Number 3: First and last Name

Please fill in your first name and your last name.

Number 4: Your E-mail address

Please enter your email address, an email address must be valid as you will be notified via email.

Number 5: Choose a username

Please enter a username that is easy to remember

Number 6: Choose a password

Please enter a strong password, do not share your password to anyone to avoid things that are not desirable.

Number 7: Enter coupun code

If coupun code is available, silahakan coupun enter code to get a discounted price

Number 8: Enter verification text

Please enter text from image capcha.

Number 9: Next button

After all the forms filled in, please click the next button.

2. Once the move is complete, log into the dashboard in See image below.




Number 1: Main menu

Main page

Your main dashboard, as you can see in the picture, here containing information about your membership in kentooz and containing the download link.

Add/Renew subscription

Ability to order new subscriptions/renew existing subscriptions.

Payments history

History of payments/subscriptions, with links to cancel active recurring subscriptions (if applicable).

Edit profile

This page contains a form to change your profile.

Affiliate info

Information for affiliate member. You can earn money by becoming an affiliate kentooz.


If you want to ask for help please visit this page.

Number 2: Active subsciptions

Information about your membership in kentooz.

Number 3: Active resources

Contains files that you can download, for example you buy a theme kerenbro so here will contain the download file kerenbro

Number 4: Usefull link

Other usefull link, such as logout, etc.

3 thoughts on “How to purchase themes

  1. Dear Gian,

    I am from Pakistan and we dont have PayPal here … how should i send you the payment. Westren Union will work or not?

    Waiting your reply….

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. For now, kentooz only support paypal for international payment and bank tranfer for local transfer. Sorry for that.

  2. hallo gan.. ada untuk themes travel gak yach.. ? yang mempunyai options untuk paket2 tour.. terima kasih..

    Salam kenal..

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